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Syngonium Pink Marble – Ø 6cm


Syngonium Pink Marble is a captivating and popular variety of Syngonium known for its beautiful foliage. This cultivar is sought after for its unique pink and green marbled leaves, which make it a stunning addition to any indoor plant collection.

The leaves of the Syngonium Pink Marble display an enchanting blend of pink, green, and cream colors. The marbling pattern varies from leaf to leaf, creating a visually striking and ever-changing display. The leaves typically start off with a pinkish hue and gradually develop more pronounced variegation as they mature.

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    This Syngonium variety thrives in bright, indirect light but can tolerate lower light conditions. Direct sunlight should be avoided, as it can lead to leaf scorching. It appreciates slightly moist soil and regular watering, allowing the top inch or so of soil to dry out between waterings. Providing adequate humidity, either through misting or using a humidifier, can help promote optimal growth and leaf health.

    Environment – Syngonium plants prefer a well-lit environment but should be kept away from direct sunlight, especially during months with intense sunshine. They can thrive in temperatures ranging from 18 to 30 degrees Celsius. If possible, providing a humid environment for the plant is beneficial. You can achieve this by placing the plant in a room with higher humidity or using a lukewarm water mist on the leaves once a week.

    Watering – Water your Syngonium once a week, ensuring that you do not overwater. Allow the plant to absorb all the water within a few hours. If there is any excess water remaining in the pot, make sure to pour it out. For midsize pots (around 10-12 cm in diameter), try watering with 100-200 ml of water. For mini plants (around 6 cm), 50 ml of water should be sufficient. As the days pass, observe the soil moisture level, and only water when the top layer of soil begins to dry up. In such cases, you can wait a day or two before watering again.´

    Leaves care – It is normal for older or outer leaves of Syngonium plants to turn yellow over time. Before removing any yellowed leaves, make sure the leaf stem has loosened slightly from the plant. Be gentle when removing them to avoid causing harm to the plant. If you notice the leaves dripping, it could be a sign of overwatering or high temperatures, among other factors. Adjust the watering frequency or the plant’s placement if necessary.

    Fertilizer – Feed your Syngonium with fertilizer once a month during the spring and summer seasons when they are actively growing. During winter, when the plant’s growth slows down, it is not necessary to fertilize since the plant will not absorb the nutrients as readily.



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    Weight 0,150 kg
    Dimensions 9,5 × 9,5 × 30 cm

    light green, pink


    10-20 cm

    Plant family

    Pot size

    6 cm

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